Salted Abalone

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Abalone Craft Beer

The Invention of Abalone Craft Beer

Kansom has always been a driver of innovation and when our team met with Red Duck Breweries who also have a passion for innovation and creativity, the World’s First Abalone Beer was born. Together with Red Duck we are able to launch our Abalone Craft Beer range in 2017 at the Fine Food Show in Sydney.

Our Abalone Craft Beer is made with our Australian Wild Caught Blacklip and Greenlip Abalone from the clean, fresh oceans of Australia, produced and brewed locally here in Ballarat. From light beers to full bodied flavours, our beers bring the refreshing taste of the ocean, but don’t worry there’s no fishy taste! Simply a delicious mix of flavours perfect for all occasions and palettes, whether chilling on the couch or celebrating a special occasion.

Who is Red Duck

Red Duck is a small, innovative, and independent micro-brewery based in Ballarat, Victoria. They are focused on making beer that is good for you, using all natural brewing processes and ingredients. The result is good: beer that tastes good and bear that is good. Established in 2005, with over 17 years of brewing experience. For more information on Red Duck and there amazing products, please visit their website.

Our Craft Beer Range

When our craft beers were first launched in 2017, we started with 3 unique and refreshing flavours, before in 2019, a fourth flavour was introduced.

  • Green Lip and Samphire Gose, released 2017

  • Abalone and Enoki Golden Ale, released 2017

  • Seared Black Lip and Truffle Stout, released 2017

  • Abalone and Nori Maki Lager, released 2019

Stay tuned as we take a deeper look into our four unique flavours.


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