Salted Abalone

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Lockdown Food & Drink Packs Now Available

The current lockdown situations right around Australia, have been tough on everyone, and it’s certainly not fun. It’s important that we take care of each other and ourselves and try to make the most of our every situation. We’ve made some delicious packs of our favourite and most popular Australian Wild Caught Seafood products to shine a little cheer on your lockdown. Each pack contains a mix of our most popular and delicious products, from Abalone Craft Beer to Sea Sauces, to Canned Soup and Canned Abalone. Discover the perfect Lockdown Pack to help get you through lockdown, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere in Australia. Our packs contain our delicious food and are great value. Remember to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.

Available Now:


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