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Australian Seafood


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There is no other brand like our Kansom Brand Wild Abalone. Our investment in the science of food processing does not mean producing with chemicals. For us it means the opposite. We aim to deliver the most natural, chemical free product for those clients demanding only the very best.

There is a misunderstanding that Abalone is “White”. Wild Abalone comes in many shades of colours, from creamy to dark brown, even black. In order to make Wild Abalone white, you need to use chemicals. The most common used chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, cause loss of nutrition, loss of flavour and loss of texture.

We are the world's leading and best producer of Natural Abalone. Our Kansom Brand products, represent this commitment presenting the most premium and delicious products made with Natural Blacklip and Greenlip Abalone.

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Kansom has been servicing its customers globally since 1985 under the brands Sea Prince and Gold Prince. The products are well received in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan as well as other markets within North America and Europe over the past couple of decades.

Today our Gold Prince Brand is still retaining its original delicious recipes with the traditional Abalone products.  For over 30 years, our Gold Prince Brand has been serving our loyal customers with high quality Abalone products.

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Kansom Australia has been at the forefront of innovation and culinary excellence since our establishment in 1985.

In 1992, we created the World’s First Commercial Abalone Sauce, made from Australian Wild Caught Abalone. Celebrating 26 years of the same delicious recipe in 2018, our Abalone Sauce expanded into our delicious new Sea Sauce Range.

Our Sea Sauce Brand is no imitation sauce. Not only our Sea Sauces Australian Made, they are the real deal - made with Australian Wild Seafood with no added MSG. 


A gourmet collection of sauces inspired by the sea.

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