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Abalone Sea Sauce
Scallop Sea Sauce

A Gourmet Collection of Sauces Inspired by the Sea

In 1992, Kansom Australia created the World’s First Commercial Abalone Sauce made from Australian Wild Caught Abalone. In 2018, Our Abalone Sauce evolved into our new Sea Sauce Collection. All our Sea Sauces are made here in Australia from real Wild Australian Abalone or Scallops, with no added MSG. They are made to be excellent in taste and nutrition for people who simply want the best. Our Sea Sauces are made from wild harvested sea products such as Abalone and Scallop. As they are natural, they are full of real flavour and you only need to use a little.  Colour and flavour may vary slightly due to natural seasonal changes, and this is a demonstration of their authenticity.

Australian Made


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