Abalone and Sea Sauce Recipes


Need some inspiration...or perhaps you want to taste some of our delicious recipes with our Abalone? Not sure what use our Sea Sauces when whilst cooking? Discover how to use our Abalone and Sea Sauce products in our delicious Asian Style, Western Style and Dessert Recipes.

Recipes with Kansom's Canned Abalone Products:
Abalone Summer Salad
Abalone Summer Salad
Recipes with Kansom's Pouch Abalone Products:
Abalone Cacciatore
Abalone Cacciatore
Recipes with Kansom's Sea Sauce Products:
Dumplings with Abalone Sweet Chilli Sea
Steamed Dumplings with Abalone Sweet Chilli Sea Sauce
Recipes with Kansom's Abalone Craft Beer:
Afternoon Tart with Chocolate Ganache Blueberry Abalone Jellied Stout and Black Tea Creamg
Afternoon Tart with Chocolate
Ganache, Blueberry Abalone Jellied Stout, and Black Tea Cream