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Good things come in small packages! Enjoy the best of both worlds, with the delicious flavours of Australian Honey and the our delicious and versatile Sea Sauces.


This  gift pack includes Honey for Life Murchinson River MGO300 260G and your choice of one of the following Sea Sauce products:


Complimentary gift wrapping also available (wrapping paper and ribbon may differ to photo provided), or choose to simply have the gift packed unwrapped - the choice is up to you!

Sea Sauce & Australian Honey Gift Set

  • Honey For Life are committed to making honey that is raw, organic and served in its purest form, with as little human interaction as possible. The way nature intended.


    Murchison River Honey by Honey for Life, which boasts high levels of Methylglyoxal (MGO300+) which is the main unique medicinal element of famous Manuka honey. This honey is collected from the great outback Murchison region of Western Australia and is without doubt the most unique, bold and strongest tasting honey ever collected by Honey for Life! 



    The remote desert region of Murchison River, Western Australia



    Very unique, strong, complex, bold... you need to taste it to believe it. This is a dark coloured stronger tasting honey. 


    Made in Australia.

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