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Salted Abalone

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Environmentally Friendly Sharks Fin

Kansom’s Sharks Fin product is environmentally responsible!

It comes from one of Australia’s most popular eating fish, ‘Gummy Shark’, commonly known as ‘Flake’ which is sold mainly in Fish & Chip shops. The meat has a sweet and delicious taste and is popular due to its boneless and thick flakes.

It is an Australian Government quota-managed fishery and is harvested and landed in accordance with strict regulations to ensure sustainability. The catch of this fish by licensed commercial fishers is restricted by weight. Fishing gear is also strictly managed to minimise any other environmental impacts.

Finning live animals is illegal.

To ensure environmental responsibility, waste is kept to an absolute minimum. The fin, skin and cartilage are usually the waste after filleting the fish for human consumption. To ensure this sustainable resource is fully respected much of this waste is being recovered for consumption either as food or medicine.

The fin is recovered and processed into the traditional shark’s fin so popular in Chinese Cuisine. ‘Gummy Shark’ is much smaller than its Ocean cousins and so the processed fin is not as big as the fins associated with the traditionally exploited large sharks. The nature of all fins of all sharks is basically the same, which is predominately cartilage and collagen fibres.

Whilst unregulated sharks fin has attracted much justified negative publicity, the fin from the Australian Fishery is ecologically responsible. It is used to ensure maximum recovery of the harvested fish and provides traditional consumers with a product that they may eat with confidence knowing that there has been no irresponsible or destructive impact on the resource.

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