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Salted Abalone

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Kansom Brand vs Gold Prince Brand...what is the difference?

Kansom Australia is proud to present our delicious ready to eat Australian Wild Caught Abalone products in both our Kansom Brand and Gold Prince Brand...but you may ask yourself what the difference is?

Did you know however, that there is common misconception that Natural Wild Caught Abalone is white? This is not correct. Wild Abalone comes in many shades of colours, from creamy to dark brown, even black. In order to make Wild Abalone “white”, you need to use chemicals. The most commonly used chemicals such as sulphur dioxide, cause loss of nutrition, loss of flavour and loss of texture.

Natural Wild Abalone comes in many shades of colours with each Abalone unique in its own appearance. The blood of the Abalone is a bluish colour, and in order to give the best texture and flavour it is important to retain the maximum blood in the Abalone. This results in some of the blood coming to the surface of the meat and the lips. This may give the Abalone a dark and bluish appearance, but the inside of the Abalone is always a creamy colour.

Here at Kansom, our philosophy is to deliver delicious products for everyone to enjoy by delivering the most natural possible product. With our Kansom Brand and Gold Prince Brand, we are able to offer our customers the choice of what they would like to consume. Even today, there are many consumers who still believe that Abalone should be white and prefer to eat these products. Our Gold Prince Brand allows these consumers to have this “White Abalone” product that they desire, but as an industry leader we are able to offer this using the least amount of chemicals possible to achieve this.

Our Kansom Brand, is our pride and joy – delivering consumers Abalone the way nature intended – offering ready to eat Abalone products made with Natural Australian Wild Caught Abalone. This means consumers can enjoy eating Abalone knowing that there are no chemicals used to bleach the Abalone, and they are tasting and eating as nature intended – natural flavour, natural colour, and natural texture. Each product will experience natural variations in texture, flavour and appearance, depending on seasonality, region, and environmental conditions. These variations are evidence of and celebrate nature’s best through our products.

Enjoy the taste of Australian Abalone, with Kansom Brand and Gold Prince Brand.

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