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Salted Abalone

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The Invention & Evolution of Kansom's Abalone Sea Sauce

The world’s first commercial Abalone Sauce was created by Kansom in 1992. If Oyster Sauce could become such a mainstream sauce, then why not Abalone, especially considering its high status in Asian cuisine? Its launch created a quick reaction from global producers and today you will find ‘Abalone Sauce’ in most Asian supermarkets throughout the world.

Many of these ‘Abalone Sauces’ are imitation sauces. Did you know that the words “flavoured”, “flavour” and “flavouring” do not necessarily mean that the flavour is real, or made in any way from the real product? For example, “Abalone Flavour” is not required by law to have any Abalone in it. It may well be made of any combination of seasonings.

Kansom prides itself in producing authentic products. Our sauce is made from real Abalone, and it is the main ingredient. This significant component of Abalone has strong ‘Umami’ giving it powerful taste without the need to add too much salt to dishes.

Kansom has since extended its sauce range to include Scallop Sauce and also a range of Abalone Chilli Sauces.

Our Abalone Sea Sauces are as close to natural as possible and made from the real thing! There are minor seasonal and regional variations in the sauces as they are made from sustainable wild harvest seafood. This is a demonstration of their authenticity.

Our Abalone Sauce over its journey has been sold in many different formats and brands, from Sea Prince and Gold Prince, and now Kansom’s Sea Sauce range, but the original product remains the same. Authentic, real, delicious and full of umami.

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